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The ongoing process of European integration and increasing globalisation has led to a changed scope of action for national governments. At the same time, the influence of corporate business and the financial markets has increased considerably. The consequences of this development are manifest: The interface between politics and business has become the focus of public interest. Against the background of the shifting interplay of politics and business, the growing influence of corporate leaders means that they, just like political decision-makers, also require professional strategic, political and communications consulting.

Burgmer Managementberatung specializes in top executive positioning, facing both inward and outward. Internal positioning consists in developing and implementing strategies which allow business leaders to function in a credible and effective way. External positioning includes establishing CEOs as authoritative public voices as well as preparing and coaching them for all conceivable challenges at the interface between business, politics and media. This includes the strategic preparation of AGMs, presentations of annual results, road shows, IPOs and M&As as well as strategic and communications consulting with a view to honorary functions in industry associations and relevant national and international business circles.

Successful positioning strategies can promote top executives to major figures in German business. At the interface of politics, business and media, personalities are game-winners. Their messages are heard, whether publicized or not. Personalities have the authority necessary to determine a country’s political and economic agenda. Assuming a responsible role in society is the ideal strategy when it comes to exerting influence. Consequently, an enterprise that has a public figure at its helm will have a competitive edge that can hardly be overestimated.

A short word on the rules of the game: Burgmer Managementberatung stands for an intelligent interaction of politics and business that combines revenue generation with a responsibility to society. We are convinced that a sustained cooperation of business and politics requires a strict compliance with commonly accepted rules of society.